The season of gratitude has arrived where you reflect on the many blessings within your life and express your deepest appreciation for them. It’s a worthy tradition that focuses your thoughts on positivity, fills your heart with joy, and even improves your health with lower stress levels. But why keep all of those benefits to yourself? You can actually share the positive effects of gratitude by passing some of that lovely positive energy on to the people and causes that enhance your life. Here are a few ways to make that happen in this season:

With simple actions, like sending a heartfelt note to a friend of treating your favorite colleague to a brunch, you can put your gratitude out into the world for your friends and loved ones to experience.  Who knows? You may even set off a chain reaction of thankfulness by inspiring them to pass their feelings of gratitude on as well.

As you give thanks for what you have, you can also use this season to help someone in need. Through volunteering and charitable contributions, you can give the incredible gift of gratitude to countless others.


When was your last random acts of kindness? If you cannot recall, there is no greater season to get on that. Buying a stranger a cup of coffee or complimenting the woman behind the checkout counter… these are simple acts that can spark feelings of gratitude within total strangers.

As you take the time to consider all that you are grateful for in this season, think about spreading your gratitude with others. Not only will you bless them, but you will also gift yourself with even more to feel grateful about. This month’s Ivy box will have you enjoying family and good food in style with your Ivy leaf Pointelle Cardigan and Ivy leaf Pointelle Tank. You can also send some love and gratitude this season with a 3-pack set of Holiday Cards!

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