Summer is officially here, and this new season has ushered in a blank canvas that is waiting to be filled in with new victories. The pen is in your hand, and you have the opportunity to write your winning narrative.

Psalm 23:17 reads, “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” This quote perfectly illustrates the importance of believing in yourself, having faith, and the power of manifestation. In order to take action towards the dream, you must first believe that the dream is attainable. Know that there is nothing in this world that you cannot have, do, or be. With God on your side, you cannot fail. Remember that God is never deaf to your prayers, silent to your pains, or blind to your fears. He knew you before you were born, and He still promises to deliver.

Now, every champion has a championship team that is essential to bringing their vision to life. Michael had Scottie, the late Kobe had Shaq, and Magic had Kareem. Rest assured that God has placed people on this Earth to help you reach your dreams. Likewise, in order for your team to reveal themselves to you, you must continue walking in your purpose with confidence.

This month’s Ivy Box will have you dressed for some major wins with your Twenty Pearls Active Polo and Skirt Set. Get ready to serve it up this summer because your winning season has arrived!

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Join Us On Instagram @IvyStorehouse