Meet Dr. Nishan Pressley, a nationally certified, Orlando-based optometrist specializing in comprehensive eye health and vision care. After graduating with a bachelors in biology with a chemistry minor in May 2016 from Norfolk State University, she enrolled in The Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University.

Upon graduating in 2019, she became the first African American to complete her doctorate degree in 3 years from the Accelerated Scholars Optometry program. She has the distinction of being both a 2020 Eyecare Vision Awardee and a 2020 HBCU Top 30 Under 30 awardee.

Dr. Nish is extremely passionate about mentorship and an advocate for diversifying the optometry field as currently only 2% of ophthalmologist are Black nationwide. Through leveraging the power of social media, she helps spread the word about the field and provides positive representation to the younger generation.

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A social media star, she has amassed over 70,000 followers on her Instagram @askdrnish where she creates videos on topics ranging from ‘how to safely apply false lashes’ to ‘5 ways to crush virtual interviews’. On her platform, she routinely educates her followers on not only eyecare, but also provides helpful insight into the field of optometry and motivates current students.

She is the founder of EOM, or EyesOnMe, a chic line of blue light eyewear that reduce the damaging effects on the eyes caused from prolonged screen time. In addition to her eyewear line, she has also authored the e-book 5 Steps to Become an Optometrist.

Follow her on Instagram @drnish, and be sure to make an appointment with her if you’re ever in search of an ophthalmologist in the Orlando, FL area!

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