Pretty Girls, it’s time to take flight! It’s a new season and that means new opportunities will be knocking at your door! This season it’s time to get ready for your next level life. People have definitely noticed the star that is alive in you, and most importantly God has noticed. 

Not only have you been shining in everything you do, but your infectious spirit has been a blessing to everyone around you. This season, God is about to elevate you to places you have never been before. 

We’re decreeing and declaring that you will be called on to speak internationally, that your perfect business partner is waiting for you at the professional retreat this summer, and that your business will expand to include international clients and have you jet-setting around the world. 

Know that your next level is loading, so be prepared to walk in it. You’ll be catching flights left and right, and this month’s Ivy Box will have you ready for first class with your AKA Green and Pink Crest Travel Set, AKA Crest Travel Garment Bag, Set of 2 Green Packing Cubes, Green Laundry Bag, and AKA Crest Passport Cover and Luggage Tag Set. When you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. Enjoy!

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Join Us On Instagram @IvyStorehouse