This month commemorates 114 years since nine Howard University students transformed their vision into what would become a history-making sorority of nearly 300,000 members around the globe. Hundreds of thousands of women bound by the bonds of sisterhood and empowered by a commitment to servant-leadership. This month, take some time to celebrate!

Celebrate 114 Years of  Excellence! Some of the most accomplished women in the world have committed themselves to the sisterhood of AKA. From fierce celebrities and politicians to the dedicated teachers and healthcare professionals that pour into communities each and every day, you consistently exemplify excellence.

Celebrate 114 Years of Service! With countless initiatives at the local, state and national levels. AKAs have partnered with numerous organizations to solve problems within their communities and provide services to those in need. Initiatives like Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns have worked to promote health and wellness among communities of color. College admission campaigns have helped underrepresented high school students traverse the landscape of college admissions. From HBCU backing to support for the arts, AKAs have a proven history of community service.

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Celebrate 114 Years of Sisterhood! AKA’s have shown up for one another for more than 100 years, creating a solidarity deeply rooted in the bonds of sisterhood. Whether it’s to straighten a sister’s crown or applaud her successes, AKA represents more than a century of intelligent, innovative, and beautiful queens celebrating and supporting one another.

This month’s Ivy Box will have you showcasing more than a century of excellence, service and sisterhood with your new AKA Tweed Tunic and AKA Tweed Carryall Bag. It’s time to celebrate!

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