Whether it’s gathering around at Thanksgiving over a plate of soul food, attending dinner parties with our closest friends, or those moments as a little girl after school helping your Mother cook up some meals, we owe some of our finest moments in part to a delicious plate of food. Food is the ultimate unifier and it creates memories that span generations.

The connection between cooking, nourishment, and your emotional well being is not to be overstated. Cooking is unique in that its fruits are not only delicious delicacies that nurture your stomach, but the spiritual process that you engage in whilst cooking nurtures your soul. While chopping the onions, layering the seasonings, and enjoying the aromatic bouquet of fragrance that fills the kitchen, you are engaging in creative expression. Studies have shown that cooking can be therapeutic and has been proven to boost confidence and aid with practicing patience.

This month’s Ivy Box is extra special as you’ll be in the kitchen whipping up some magic with the help of prolific baker, television personality, and best-selling culinary author, Jocelyn Delk Adams. Her book, Everyday Grand: Soulful Recipes for Celebrating Life’s Big and Small Moments: A Cookbook by Jocelyn Delk Adams will be sure to suffuse your kitchen with Southern comfort whilst putting a smile on your face as she reminds you that everyday is a day worthy of celebration.

We’ve equipped you with all the fixings to help you create culinary greatness with the Denim and Pearls Apron. Plus, you’ll be hosting in style with the Ivy Leaf Porcelain Baking and Serveware. That’s not all! You’re also cordially invited to an exclusive, virtual Cooking Event with Jocelyn Delk Adams in December. We hope you’re ready for all the excellence that’s coming your way!

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