On Sunday, April 9th, 2021 we celebrated the power, the beauty, and the duty that is Black motherhood. As Black mothers living in the United States, our goals as a parent are two-fold; we must not only raise our children to have a good heart, but we must also teach them how to navigate the challenges that come with being black in America. It is this duality that makes being a Black mom such a unique and tender experience. We truly give our children our everything, and we hope your loved ones showed you just how much they appreciated you last Sunday!

Many of us kicked off Mother’s Day weekend by tuning into the Xscape vs. SWV Verzuz battle on Saturday night which left us wanting to hop into a time machine and go back to the classic era of 90s RnB. Music transcends time, and it was a beautiful sight to behold as multiple generations gathered online to watch this celebration of Black women in music. It was then that we began to think about what it means to build a legacy for your family.

Women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. are natural born leaders. Likewise, leaders often desire to expand their impact so that it continues well past their lifetime, into perpetuity, if you will. When thinking about the legacy of the dynamic sisterhood of Alpha Kappa Alpha, a few thoughts come to mind: service to all mankind, scholarship and the first. Women of Alpha Kappa Alpha are constantly breaking barriers, pushing the envelope, and making history even when it appears that the world isn’t ready.


It’s important to emphasize that legacy isn’t only about what you leave behind, it’s also about how you choose to live your life on a daily basis. Your living legacy may be your ability to put a smile on all of the faces you encounter, advocating for the arts, or even creating a ministry for women. Your living legacy is a reflection of the world you wish to inhabit, your talents, and your hope for a better future.

Cultivating a legacy involves creating value for the world by tapping into your talents whether that be your kind heart, your passion for helping others, or artistic flair. You add to your legacy with every choice you make, and we hope in writing this blog, that we remind you to be intentional with your actions, have a vision, and share your gifts with the worlds to shape your legacy.

Pretty Girls, what are your doing to shape your living legacy? Let us know in the comments!

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