Fall has arrived and the air is crisp with excitement and plans for annual homecoming celebrations. Whether you’re traveling for an in-person experience or opting for a virtual reunion, here are five reasons why you need homecoming in your life this year:

Reason #1 Fellowship – Homecoming is all about the connections that add value to our lives. It’s an annual opportunity to reconnect with old friends and connect with new ones. We’ve had to spend a lot of time away from the people we love lately, why not partake in some much-needed fellowship?

Reason #2 Music – It only takes a single song to transport you back to those college days. Homecoming is filled with those melodic memories. Even if opting for a virtual homecoming, several schools are offering streaming concerts and other musical events… or you can throw on that college playlist to create your own gym jam right at home.

Reason #3 Good Eating – If you are choosing to head down the road, you can look forward to a weekend filled with some good food. From your good old favorite greasy spoon to the parade of grills outside the football stadium, there will be no shortage of delicious calories.

Reason #4 Supporting your School – The financial challenges of the last few years have also impacted higher education. Your beloved alma mater needs the influx of money that homecoming brings each year. Think of it as a party with a purpose. Support your school while enjoying yourself.

Reason #5 Speaking of Joy – You can never have too much of that in your life. Take the weekend and return to a time when your biggest worry was making an 8am class or getting a ride home from the club. We are all going through a lot right now and you absolutely deserve to feel a ridiculous amount of joy.

This month’s Ivy Box will help you make some decisions about your homecoming outfits. As you get your fashions together, don’t forget your new AKA Salmon Pink Jogger Set. Let us know in the comments if you loved your October Ivy Box!

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