Fall is upon us, and that means it’s time to kick it into high gear. At the top of the year, you laid out a vision, made it plain, and set your intentions. Now it’s time to tap into your center of focus and make these last few months legendary.

What does being in your bag mean? It means being in your zone, being about your business, and being laser focused on achieving your objectives. It means keeping your eyes on the prize and executing to the highest capacity.

It means going after everything you deserve, knowing your worth, and making yourself a priority. Never forget that you will always be your greatest asset, and no one can advocate for yourself better than you. This season, we want you to ask for that promotion, pitch your writing to that publication, and go after that business grant. Remember that your potential is limitless, and your greatness knows no bounds.

You have the power! Every superstar needs fuel, and this month’s Ivy Box will have you keeping all your meals organized and stylishly stowed in your Alpha Kappa Alpha Lunch Bag, Bento Box, and Silicone Snack Bag. Now, go be who God created you to be!

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Join Us On Instagram @IvyStorehouse