Meet Emmy award-winning news anchor, author, and Soror Jazmin Bailey. Jazmin is a graduate of Michigan State University and a Cleveland, Ohio native. In her book, Jazmin shares her story of overcoming domestic violence and hopes to inspire conversation on a topic that is often only discussed during the month of October.

It was 2018 when Jazmin decided to take her storytelling off-screen and pen her memoir, “The Woman with the Oil: Baring All and Healing from the Inside Out.” In this powerful testimony, she recounts her experience of physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse in marriage.

With her vivid descriptions, Jazmin transports readers into her daily life, balancing a toxic relationship and a rising career as a morning news anchor. Jazmin’s memoir is also a tool; designed to educate communities about the signs of abuse and show others the beauty of life beyond intimate partner violence.

Click here to check out “The Woman with the Oil” and read more about Jazmin’s story.

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