In the midst of this deadly pandemic, New York hospitals face an extreme shortage of necessary safety equipment. In response to this growing emergency, in April 2020, Ivy Storehouse purchased crucial personal protection equipment (PPE) for the dedicated staff of Harlem Hospital thanks to the generosity of Ivy Box monthly subscribers. Using sales proceeds, Ivy Storehouse provided $10,000 N95 masks, protective gowns and various other types of much-needed PPE.

New York is at the epicenter of America’s coronavirus emergency, making the availability of PPE extremely limited. Anticipating an upcoming peak in cases and patients, hospital administrators across the city have found it necessary to ration their equipment, which creates a situation where hospital staff must reuse N95 masks for multiple days. These particle-filtering respirator masks are intended for one-time use, and they are not meant for use when working with multiple patients. Reusing them increases the risk of infection faced by frontline workers. By providing PPE, Ivy Box subscribers help to keep the brave staff members of Harlem Hospital safe and healthy.

Founded in 1887, Harlem Hospital earned its reputation as a leading educator of Black healthcare professionals. A member of NYC Health + Hospitals, the institution is credited with saving the life of The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1958. Suffering from a stab wound to the chest, Dr. King was rushed to Harlem Hospital Center, where the Chief of Surgery Dr. Aubrey Maynard performed a unique and complex procedure that resulted in Dr. King’s full recovery.

Ivy Storehouse is honored to assist the staff members of this remarkable legacy and thanks the Ivy Box subscribers for continuously supporting their community initiatives.

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