Jada Wright-Greene, current member of the Gamma Theta Omega, published a book entitled Florida’s Historic African American Homes (Images of America). This book documents the sunshine state’s rich history of African Americans who have contributed to the advancement and growth of today. Wright-Greene writes, “from slaves to millionaires, African Americans from all walks of life resided in cabins, homes, and stately mansions. The lives of millionaires, educators, businessmen, community leaders, and innovators in Florida’s history are explored in each residence.” Jada Wright-Greene has curated images from archives, libraries, and universities throughout Florida and the nation that tell the story and give a glimpse into the intimate lives of African American Floridians who changed history.

Jada Wright-Greene is the Founder & President of Heritage Salon, the first and only electronic magazine dedicated to promoting African American museums, historical sites, and homes. She has worked in the museum field as a museum activist, independent museum professional, writer, and lecturer for over 10 years. Jada was raised in North Florida and is an alumnus of Bethune-Cookman University, Michigan State University, and Johns Hopkins University. As a lover of Black history, Jada is committed to telling the stories of Black Floridians.

Jada has been profiled on The Root website as one of 8 Hot Causes for Black Philanthropists and was named one of Michigan’s Phenomenal Women by Michigan Women’s Forum in 2011.

You can purchase her book on Amazon by clicking this link. Floridians make some noise in the comments!

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