What will you do this month to move towards the dreams you have for your life? Will you get that passport in preparation to travel the world? What about that website you’ve been meaning to build so that you can turn that hobby into a business? Maybe you’re going to start saving for that down payment, take a couple of classes, or lay on a beach somewhere with a good book. Whatever your dreams look like, it is time to let them set sail!

Your dreams are a window into your highest goals and expectations for your life. They give you a glimpse of the life you want to live and remind you of the incredible power you have to bring them to fruition. Dreams are the inspiration you need to step out on faith and the bravery you need to sail away from your safe harbor. They inspire you to explore the seemingly unattainable, discover all of the possibilities at your fingertips, and dream even bigger.

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You are already an incredible Alpha woman, but how much more fulfilled could you be if you turned every doubt and hesitation into the wind that keeps you moving towards your dreams? Your dreams are more than fleeting fantasies or daydreams. Let them set sail, and get ready for an amazing journey!

This month’s Ivy Box will have you and your dreams sailing pretty in your Alpha Kappa Alpha Vintage Script Sailor Polo, Alpha Kappa Alpha Vintage Script Canvas Wristlet, and Two Pink and Green Beaded Bracelet Set.

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