Labriah Lee Holt, Esq. is the founder of Sweetroots Hair Bar located in Atlanta, Ga. She started her business in response to the challenges she faced as a Black woman with natural, thick, long and curly hair. She said that she struggled for years to find an efficient and reasonably priced service that could truly care for her locks. “I found it unfair that my non-textured friends could easily get their hair done before a business presentation in any of the cities we traveled to,” explained Holt. “I, on the other hand, would struggle with up-keep because none of the places they went to were guaranteed to have someone familiar with my textured hair, or accustomed to regularly doing textured hair. The whole experience left me begrudged and with a bitter taste in my mouth.”

A graduate of Howard University, Holt began her professional career as an attorney in big law working in government and policy. She explained that she began feeling disconnected from the community and decided to make a drastic turn. She came to the conclusion that her role as a changemaker did not have to take place within the legal environment. Instead, she decided to emerge herself into the community she sought to serve. As she examined her options, Holt became increasingly interested in entrepreneurship within the health and beauty space.

“I have made it my mission to make the hair salon experience sweeter, because I refuse to let the hair industry fail us any longer,” said Holt.  “I want to nurture and spread beauty one person, one strand and one community at a time, by giving you the service you deserve and tending to the beauty you were born with.”

For Holt, Sweetroots represents much more than just a salon. “It’s the revitalization of a cornerstone in a community where people like Martin Luther King Jr. used to congregate and empower the people. And for me it’s about empowering the people of Atlanta, specifically the women.”

We congratulate Labriah Holt and wish her continued success. To learn more about her salon, visit the website by clicking here. 

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