ReFRAMED By Nikki is a lifestyle brand that was created by Nicole Forbes-Shaw who is a Registered Nurse by trade and also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. The eyewear brand places emphasis on diversity, quality and style. With each collection, Nikki’s goal is to tell a story, educate and give back to the community in some way. Nikki was inspired to start this brand during the pandemic and this venture has brought her not only a strong sense of peace, but also been a  creative outlet for her during these challenging times.

ReFRAMED by Nikki is a chic collection of fashion-forward eyewear that is perfectly crafted to capture the essence of each wearer’s individuality. The eyewear collections are designed with keen attention to detail on elements such as bridge/temple measurements so that glasses can fit small framed or extra-large framed faces, the silhouette of the rims, and a variety of stylish templates that range in style from classic tortoise to translucent.

Since the beginning of pandemic, Nikki has been working alongside many of her colleagues trying to stay afloat with staffing constraints and trying to stay positive and safe while working to combat this horrible virus. Her grandmother Judith, passed away shortly before the beginning of the pandemic and she had often wondered if her passing was related as many patients were experiencing similar signs and symptoms that have now to date been connected to COVID-19.

The first collection, “The Collective,” was introduced and was a way of acknowledging the heroic work of close family, friends and colleagues who worked as essential workers – including Nikki herself. Ten percent of the proceeds from eyewear purchased from “The Collective” collection was given to Yale Haven Hospital’s COVID Relief Fund.

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Join Us On Instagram @IvyStorehouse