Sincere and rare. That not only describes this special sisterhood, but it also describes the unique treasures, gems, and insights that only you possess. This August, we want you to remember that there is no one who can do it quite like you.

As an esteemed woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha, you are truly a once-in-a-lifetime woman. Now, what is it that makes you so iconic? Well, to start your joy, resilience, elegance, and impact are unparalleled. Secondly, you are a woman of discernment. That small, still inner voice is your superpower, and it has been guiding you towards success your whole life. Lastly, you have a heart for God and all those around you, and this makes you a true beauty inside and out.

As a force multiplier, you elevate everything around you and light up every room you enter. This month we want to encourage you to continue listening to your life, following the desires of your heart, and having the utmost faith in your God-given gifts.

You have that special sauce, and don’t you ever forget it! This month’s Ivy Box will have you shining like the star that you are in your two piece Alpha Kappa Alpha Crest Viscose Set.

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Join Us On Instagram @IvyStorehouse