Kyra Robinson-Bradley, a member of the Iota Delta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. is releasing her first Christian’s, children’s book book entitled Always Tell the Truth. The owner of Kingdom Connection Books, Robinson-Bradley produces Christian and secular books for children of color. Her company’s work touches on sensitive subjects that many parents and authors are either afraid to touch on or lack the time to explain. For instance, the book entitled Black Lives/All Lives Matter explains the controversial issue using Bible Scripture that all lives matter while also explaining the importance of focusing on and helping lives in need at a given moment.

In another book entitled Dear Mr. 44, the author pens an open letter to Barack Obama from a little boy named Brian thanking him for his courage to take a stand and become the first African American President. This Prayers for You teaches kids and parents how to pray and Susie’s Curly Hair focuses on the textures of natural hair. It entertains while educating kids on how to manage and style their hair while being confident and looking beautiful.

“We have a variety of books entitled LEGACY which focus on the foundation of our (Devine Nine) sororities and fraternities,” says Robinson-Bradley. “They show how we unknowingly become a product of the things that surround us and pledge what is in our heart and what we see from a child’s standpoint all the way to adulthood. It is how we mold into and become what we know and see in our parents and family members, ultimately becoming a Legacy.”

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In Always Tell the Truth Robinson-Bradley introduces twins Kimmie and Katie who are very different in their personalities but are very similar when it comes to their Christian beliefs. The twins refer to two lessons they often talk about in Sunday School – Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself and Always Tell the Truth. However, when Katie breaks a neighbor’s window, she lies about the incident. She knows it is wrong and feels guilty. Eventually, she confesses to her parents and the neighbors whose window she broke.

To purchase the book as a Christmas or birthday gift, go to You can also find it at any major retailer, including Amazon. Congratulations to Kyra Robinson-Bradley for this wonderful accomplishment. Please add your congratulations in the comments below.

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