It’s time to celebrate once again! One simply cannot mention Black history without mentioning AKA, and this month it’s time to represent this rich heritage in a grand way. The excellence began in 1908, and it has never stopped. Alpha women truly are standing on the shoulders on the giants, and you should be so proud. 

Now what does it mean to stand on the shoulders of giants? It means that each generation of Alpha women have come together, compiled resources, and succeeded in making even more progress than the last. It means carrying the strength, wisdom, and vision of the Founders and elevating the community. It also means building upon ideas of those that paved the way and living out those principles every day. 

Whether it’s in the courtroom, on a movie screen, on the cover page of a magazine, or on the morning news, Alpha women have consistently been at the top of all professional arenas, and this would not have been possible without the incredible lineage of powerful women coming together to lend a hand, write a letter of recommendation, be a listening ear, and cementing themselves as essential figures in villages all over the globe. 

This month’s Ivy Box will remind you of your powerful legacy everywhere you go as you represent with your classic T-shirt, AKA License Plate, 3-Pack AKA Assorted Air Fresheners, and your AKA Backpack to carry all of your essentials. 

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