On September 10th, 2021, Star Jones made her return to the View for its 25th Anniversary sporting our Metallic Tweed Mock Dress from the Summer 2021 Collection, and our Ivy Leaf Chain Link Scarf from August’s Ivy Box!

In the opening of the show, Joy Behar highlighted Jones’s 9-year tenure on The View as one of its original co-hosts from 1997 to 2006.  Whether Star was showcasing plus-size models for the first time in history on daytime television, introducing Destiny’s Child and exposing the audience to the RnB music, or providing insightful legal analysis, Jones certainly left an indelible mark on The View and made it the cultural phenomenon it is today.

Jones’s impressive background as a New York City prosecutor and senior district attorney allowed her to and examine headlining news from a legal lens and provide a legal education the audience. Soror Sunny Hostin thanked Jones for “bring(ing) the law to daytime television.”

When reflecting on her best moments on The View, Jones stated that “Being able to introduce Black and Brown people as experts, not just TV stars or celebrities or sports stars, but to be a contributor, was really one of my great honors.”

Jones shared a sisterly moment with fellow Alpha women, Sunny Hostin, when she began reciting the Greek Alphabet, to The two Alpha women raised their pinkies and high-fived one another after Jones recitation of the Greek alphabet-warning the audience members that the “Delta” variant wouldn’t be the only Greek letter they would become familiar with if people refused to get vaccinated.

We are so thankful that we got to witness Star make her return to The View, and we are honored that she allowed the Ivy Box to be a part of her special moment.

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