Let the games begin! Homecoming season is upon us, and that means it’s almost time to step back onto the campus where it all started and remind them why Alpha women will always and forever be in first place.

The first magical step you take back on campus feels like a dream as you relive memories that shaped you into the dynamic women that you are today. Whether it’s the echoes of laughter in the quad, the smell of old books in the library, or the joy when looking at the next generation of students, the warmth that overtakes you when reunite with your alma mater can never be duplicated.

As generations of Alpha women and alumni traverse from all over the world to come together for football and fun, we must recognize just how special this time really is.

Homecoming is one of those rare occasions where we get to honor the traditions of the past, celebrate the present, and make moves for the future.

As you embrace tradition and legacy while reconnecting with lifelong friends don’t forget to take this opportunity to grow your tribe and network with some new faces. There are so many business deals made over sports, so be sure to work the room and get your shine on.

This month’s Ivy Box will have you representing the best legacy in the world with the AKA Pink and White Varsity Cardigan and shining like a midnight star with your Ivy and Pearl Petite Drop Earrings.

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Join Us On Instagram @IvyStorehouse